Iron Man Saves the World along with Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality tech seems to be waiting for its boost. In 2019, meet the first VR triple-A title from Sony – Iron Man from Marvel.

Iron Man Saves the World

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Virtual Reality tech seems to be waiting for its boost. In 2019, meet the first VR triple-A title from Sony – Iron Man from Marvel.

How Iron Man Contributes to the Development of VR

Just like the movie series about this famous New York superhero starts, the game begins with clicking sounds. A player will have to put on both helmet and VR glasses to enjoy the trip. The screen turns from a completely black to colorful, more comics-style. From the first minutes, you can enjoy beautiful landscape with the sunset and water around. As you may guess, the major character is Tony Stark, and you are placed into his costume.

With the help of lit move controllers, you will feel just like Iron Man. You can fly, run, and shoot. Just like in the comic book and movies, this hero is equipped with the blasters on his limbs. With the help of fist, a player can punch enemies and objects around. Before playing, one may have to practice using move controllers. With a single push of a button, it is possible to switch on various functionalities. On the whole, the learning process is quick and simple.


Make Your Dream Come True - Fly Whenever and Wherever You Want!

Therefore, flying, moving around, shooting, and fighting are the basic features (actions) to master. Turn the hands being put close to your body. Those who watched the movies will know how to control the character for sure. The game fully corresponds to the films.

Smash obstacles to move on and complete mission by mission. This VR experience will appear soft to you. Do not worry that you might feel sick!

After learning how to play, get deeper into the plot. You will be accompanied by AI Friday from the very beginning, so you are not alone! Another character to meet from the first episodes is Stark’s main love interest, Pepper Potts. The last one receives a full control over Stark Industries. The plot has to do with the Iron Man films, but it is far from the Avengers.

The action begins once Ghost attacks you. It tries to install drones on your transport. It is necessary to resist the attack along with protecting your plane and beloved one. You can do more than shoot and fly – keep that in mind!


What about Gripping in Iron Man 2019?

No matter how tough you might be with the controllers, it might be a challenge to hold objects and move them. It is necessary to get every item into the right position to keep on moving on. It makes no wonder that your hands might glitch past the object repeatedly – the radius is quite small. At the same time, it is a great practice for your hands.

PSVR will not work without cables. That might be another inconvenience. At the same time, the game offers a 360-degree experience. Noticing that you have spun on your own axis is a norm for the games like this. After all, most VR releases make players lose sense of space and time. The players also risk wrapping the PSVR around their legs from time to time. Try not to fall while playing!

When players are pushed further from the tracking radius, it prevents from creating the experience you was expecting. At the same time, one of the gaming options allows keeping on playing as normal. Just take a couple of steps back/forth. Immersive Iron Man experience can then be possible!


Can Marvel Save VR Technologies Today?

As you might have already heard, most of the VR games today are not doing well, especially compared to the sales of PlayStation4. In Marvel’s Iron Man, however, players can completely dive into VR for the first time. Diverse landscapes and fun gameplay still offer some unforgettable experience, which is worth of its money. Besides, it is a unique chance to recall the plot of all Iron Man films. Another great thing is that one may forget about reality at least for a couple of hours!

One should not underestimate the existing issues too. Most of them are associated with glitching, gripping, and feeling a bit sick over time. That is why you should mind how much you play. It will feel like you are moving your limbs all the time though they remain still, in fact. One more obstacle is a cable for the PSVR headset. Make sure to make all the settings convenient before you play.

Many players around the world reply that they think about buying a virtual reality headset just because of this game. If Iron Man manages to motivate high sales, VR could be saved. Not so many people have VR sets at home, but it is never late to purchase them. The time will show whether the new release from Marvel will change the situation at VR market for better.

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