The Last of Us Part II: Check out the New Gameplay Details


The Last of Us Part II has been in production for several years. Now Vice President of the studio is ready to share more details about the gameplay.

The Last of Us Part II: What’s New?

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The Last of Us Part II has been in production for several years. Now Vice President of the studio is ready to share more details about the gameplay.

To remind you of the case, The Last of Us used to be the PS3 cult game. The world has been waiting for this release since May 2020. Naughty Dog has added some brand new features. Today, they are ready to talk.

Neil Druckmann is the Vice President of the company. The man decided to reveal the main details about the gameplay in his recent interview for the PlayStation blog. He begins by telling that the new main character is Ellie, who has replaced Joel from the latest version. This girl lives a normal life (without taking into account that the majority of human beings are dead now). Ellie has friends and other close people whom she cares about. Another character is Dina. It appears that she feels for Ellie, but she’s a rather mystic hero. One thing will take place that will change the entire life of the main heroine. The Vice President did not tell what exactly will happen, but the idea is that Ellie will strive for vengeance after these events. So, we may only guess. Joel appears in this game once again, and they have a tense relationship with the main female character.

New Foes and a Taste of Reality

The developers have added some of the new survivals as well as infected types to the new part of The Last of Us. As for the last ones, they are known as the shamblers. Watch out as these creatures release deadly fog. Another upgrade in gameplay is the guard dogs. They will find the main characters in any place, so there is no need to paly hide-and-sick with them. If a player tries to sneak past a rival, it will result in a battle immediately.

From the interview, one may discover that the new main character will leave a scent trail. It will not last forever, but the dogs can smell it easily and find the heroine. The only way to overcome this obstacle is to murder the dog, which is not that easy from both moral and physical aspects. In this action game, you will be shocked by how realistic the episodes with murders look. The acts of violence may make parents want to keep their small kids away from this game.

In case you kill a rival, his or her pals will be crying and suffering. Sometimes, the emotions are pressing hard enough to make the foes attack a player with extra strength. That is a brutal yet realistic experience. What if you hate the acts of violence? The studio has foreseen that as well. It is possible to stay anonymous and unnoticed in many situations. After all, space is extended enough to include a variety of scenarios.

The Last of Us Part II and PS4's Benefits

PS4 has great potential, and this game is going to use it all. For example, PlayStation 4 allows viewing larger areas under different angles when playing. Also, you will meet plenty of various enemies at the same location at one time.

Speaking about the motion capture, it is here to make sure that the aspects of non-verbal communication can be shown in a better way. Motion mapping is another excellent novelty in the Last of Us Part II. The upgraded animations lead to the immediate movements that may remind one of the way people move in real life. All of the new features make the game real drama and fun to play.

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