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Hideo Kojima decided to launch a project for the admirers of Death Stranding. You may either like or rate this series, but we recommend discover more details first.

Death Stranding in the test

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Hideo Kojima decided to launch a project for the admirers of Death Stranding. You may either like or rate this series, but we recommend discover more details first.

Hideo Kojima, a world-known game developer from Japan, knows how to intrigue players. He is also well-aware of how to create overhype. After all, Kojima was the one to develop Metal Gear. Hideo is definitely the king of the game industry (or, at least, one of them).

The project was at the phase of development for almost three years. There were different rumors surrounding its launch. On the whole, the plot’s description may sound a bit boring: your character should transfer and deliver things. However, it is a completely new experience. Once Sam Porter Bridges gets a very special order, the action begins. The idea is to connect and defend the cities in post-apocalyptic United States, and it is up to Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead.

Ghosts, Weird Babies, and Tips

The humanity is almost fully gone, leaving just some of the American cities more-or-less alive. Somehow, the world of living creatures collapses with the world of the dead. Outside, horrible spirit beings dwell. Thus, it is rather dangerous to transfer between the cities. However, your hero will have enough armory and skills to resist the aggressive foe. He knows how to keep away from the forbidden zones. Sam can also come back to life. The character is also a holder of a fetus of a brain-dead mom, so-called BB. It allows him to recognize and communicate with spirits. By using ladder bridges, Sam crosses abysses and speeds up the process of delivery.


Play with the Baby

Baby Bridge serves more than seeing spirits. The item can behave just like a real baby, becoming a crybaby often. You’ll hear the irritating sounds from your controller, letting you know that something is wrong with your BB. To solve the problem, Sam has to say soothing words. To do that and keep on playing, hold the controller in your hands. You will feel the connection with the weird yet cute little thing.


Monotony in a New Shape

Despite the new exciting add-ons, something about this game can seem monotonous and boring to you (especially if you are not the fan). The open-world games are fed up with quite boring and repeated tasks. Most of them are associated with bringing an object from A to B, for instance. In this release, assignments like that are part of the primary quest, so there is no way to ignore and skip them.

You will ease the process by choosing the right tools and equipment for your character. You may fully change the gaming mechanics by adding new items to Sam outfit. The pocket can be almost endless (even though, you should still keep an eye on the restrictions). The hero often has to sneak past spirits and other dangerous creatures. Such tense episodes may bring an atmosphere of horror from time to time. Plus, the sounds are very realistic.




The Fascinating World Is Not That Big

Do not expect to have a plenty of space when playing Death Stranding. After the third part, Sam will obtain new ways of moving around rather than walking. A player might have to dedicate up to sixty hours to this game (a 2-hour animated video is included). While some may call this approach frustrating, others will love the idea and setting. By the way, the enemies are not only limited to freaky creatures. Some of the rivals are other deliverymen.


Energy Drinks & Television Ads

We want to share a few words about ads. This area was fully changed in the new release. In the game, an energy drink manufacturer is the only one to survive. You may consume them to increase health and stamina. It may look ridiculous to some players that each time the main character walks into the bath, a huge banner with advertising for Reedus’ new series pops up.

At the same time, we cannot accuse Kojira for that approach. The game is still one of the top AAA apps that polarizes, which makes it a necessary breakthrough. Playthroughs will give you a hint on whether Death Stranding will suit your collection. The full price may also appear a bit high for some consumers.

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