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Who said that an easy game cannot be enjoyed by millions of players just like a complex blockbuster? In this review for Hidden City, you will find out the answer.

Hidden City: What Is True about It?

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Who said that an easy game cannot be enjoyed by millions of players just like a complex blockbuster? In this review for Hidden City, you will find out the answer.

It is not that easy to create hooking games today. Modern players need a lot to be engaged. One of the apps that succeeded with the amount of attracted users is Hidden City, which is rather simple.

The gameplay looks exactly like gameplays of numerous other discovery games. However, not all of them are even half as successful as Hidden City. So, what is the secret? As you may guess from its name, the mission is to explore different locations and discover things and solutions to mysteries. One should chronologically follow the plot to unlock different secrets. It all begins with a single premise where a player has to be very attentive in order to detect various items. Some of them are introduced as monochrome forms while others can be found by their titles.

G5’s Hidden City offers more complicated levels and tasks as the player moves through the plot. It becomes hard to detect some of the smallest items or those that are tricky hidden. Some would say that it is impossible to move on since the highest levels, but that is how you develop a number of significant skills. You will be proud for your achievements.

The developers have added some interesting twists to the game mechanic. In addition to the main quest, you can enjoy the range of supporting games (e.g., matching similar items or finding duplicates).

Do you care about the plot more than anything else? Then, this application will meet your expectations as well. Initially, the journey is settled to find a lost friend who is stuck in the parallel dimension. The idea is to solve this mystery. The main character has its own investigation agency, so that is what makes him search for the hints on his own. Through a portal, a player will enter different worlds, full of witchcraft and mysteries. Almost all of the locations have dark, creepy atmosphere that may scare you from time to time. Gather various items to crack secrets. The main foe is the black smoke around the world. You have to resist it.


What is the Most Exciting Thing?

On the whole, this app is not that complicated. The process of learning and mastering the tricks is relatively simple. However, a greatest share of your success depends on the attention to details and time management. You will have limited time to complete the tasks and unlock new levels. The players will have to dedicate more to exploring the spooky secrets.

Hidden City is a casual app or time-killer, as they call them. Today, this game is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The challenges will not make you too much nervous but it is not the best way to relax either (as you have to react quickly).

The number of locations, objects, and assignments will compensate the unoriginal gameplay loop. There is more than sixty places to visit! More than 5,000 quests are available in the game now. It means that one may spend plenty of time on Hidden City, without getting tired.

The greatest challenge is to discover more than eight hundred elements from various collections, as many users admit. At least, you will be interested in passing the main plot. After that, the app will display some of the available upgrades that will allow continuing your storyline.


What about the Pitfalls?

The smallest gap is that 125 MB of data are required. Many other discovery games require less space and memory. At the same time, the amount of content makes sense. Hidden City is not the only app in its genre to have this pitfall, and it is not that crucial for modern smartphones.

Another issue is the monetization. Overall, the application is initially free of charge. Of course, it will ask for the in-game purchases, and they are not cheap at all. The most valuable currency in Hidden City is diamonds, and they allow players to keep on unlocking new levels much faster. They also allow for several attempts or special tools to pass challenges easier and faster. For the diamonds, one can also purchase extra time.

It is possible to get the local currency without investing the real cash. All you have to do is show your best when performing at various quests. Soon, the game will get complicated enough to feel the need for real money investments. Unless you are rather patient, you can do that (the players stop getting diamonds at some point because of the difficulty). Even without paying a dime, the game will seem exciting to the lovers of mysteries. Monetization is not always a pay-to-win scheme.



This app is not for everyone. Impatient people will just quit half the battle. Because of the restrictions and monetization, some users may also stop playing Hidden City. However, the genre fans will definitely want this game for their collection. Be aware that the session usually lasts less than an hour when you reach high levels. In general, thanks to the beautiful design and extended content, Hidden City is called one of the best in genre for both iOS and Android.

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