GTA V Review — The Iconic Series Introduce Their New Release


GTA is an old game, but new releases keep coming out. So, the question is whether the last one is worth joining your collection or not, and the review will tell.

GTA V: 6 Years of Greatness

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GTA is an old game, but new releases keep coming out. So, the question is whether the last one is worth joining your collection or not, and the review will tell.

Out of all games produced and distributed by mid-sized publishers, having higher development and marketing budgets, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is, probably, the most known. Even dummies and those who do not give a clue about video games have heard something about it (at least, the name). It belongs to the AAA type of games. The developers have made it more than 110 million copies in sales. That is two times higher than PUBG. The main question is whether the game remains as fun as it used to be even today. Since 2013, plenty of time has passed, and we are here to figure out if the last version is worth playing.


What Is the Point?

It is hard to imagine at least one dedicated gamer who has never played GTA. After all, it is one of the many games with almost full freedom of action and choice. The main idea is to explore the criminal underworld of fictional towns designed after the huge American metropolises. The character has to survive the dynamic plot with a lot of mafia episodes involved as well as develop to a mob boss.

Most probably, you can recall an imaginary state called San Andreas from the early versions. The primary locations to visit were San Fierro, Los Santos, and Las Venturas. The 5th release that came out not so long ago has just one of these locations to offer, and that would be Los Santos.

At the same time, the map of the world seems way larger. The developing party included way more details and heroes. It is possible to switch between 3 characters this time. Every hero has original storyline and possible development. The missions and their variety were also expanded. Thus, you will not get bored, having no idea what to do.


What’s the Best Thing?

San Andres might seem endless in this version. You will not believe your eyes after playing GTA: SA. Doing everything on your own terms is an exclusive feature of this game. Just stick to the plot and complete both core and side missions to obtain bonuses and in-game currency. Walking around and simply exploring the world is fun too. The greatest share of the map is an open-world, full of amazing findings and locations.

The game perfectly reveals the nature and mentality of the United States. Most of the time, you can notice some trash films running around. You will discover some huge sharks over your trip, and they may remind you of the extraordinary “Sharknado” movie. Finally, the world is all about plastic surgery. Mostly, if GTA was a movie, it would be a sarcastic criminal action with the elements of drama, perhaps. The major location looks more like LA.

The missions are often sarcastic and ridiculously funny. One of them, for instance, is about assisting paparazzi with sneaking up on celebrities to take nude photos. Do not forget to listen to the radio to learn more about your missions and luck. Another quest is to snatch a girl from a talent show. All around, the player will notice typical for America banners with loud ads. Even if you have never been to the US, you will have an overall picture with all the existing stereotypes after playing Grand Theft Auto.

Except for the great cultural adventure, players can enjoy fabulous gameplay, of course. If you are not interested in the major plot, you can jump over to secondary and additional missions. For instance, it would be fun to steal a cab and turn into a taxi driver. You may simply walk around, enjoying a great variety of meals and entertainment. Finally, you ca relax listening to the GTA native radio. There are so many things to do in this world!

What about the Disadvantages?

Just like any game in the world, the newest GTA has its pitfalls. For example, one has to keep on pushing X button to win. Failing a mission for a while means skipping a great part of it. It is possible to take attempts unless you succeed, but you risk missing some of the storyline.

You will not find a couple of extra challenges that you might expect from Grand Theft Auto. One of the lacking missions is an opportunity to start a war between gangs and act as a policeman. You should only rely on yourself (being solo) in this release. GTA Online has the gang option, if you care.

One more gap is the image of cops in this version. They appear to be more homicidal than ever. They might start fight without any warning. All of a sudden, these severe guys may open fire, so you should not yawn. Perhaps, that is call to the police brutality, recently discussed in the American society – who knows. It might be a call to the arms. Sooner or later, the player might get sick and tired of having to run away from police all the time.


Concluding Part

Well, the latest release of Grand Theft Auto has some minor pitfalls. However, this legendary game still remains fun to play and offers plenty of freedom. This time, developers have forgotten about some gameplay elements, but replay mode is active every time. After completing all the missions and quests, it is still possible to enjoy the game. Add GTA Online to return things that you might miss from the previous parts.


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