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What's the main secret of high demand for famous battle royale - Fortnite? Is it really as good as the hype suggests? Read this expert review to find out.

Fortnite Review: Is The Hype Worth It?

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What's the main secret of high demand for famous battle royale - Fortnite? Is it really as good as the hype suggests? Read this expert review to find out.

Do you know an interesting fact about Fortnite? Did you know that more than 250 million have played it by 2019, which made it the favorite game worldwide? Almost seventy million users play it actively. For comparison, famous World of Warcraft has only five million active members. The numbers may tell you a lot.

If you appear to be that guy who has never heard or tried Fortnite, you may want to know the secret of its popularity. Who knows – perhaps, this game is right for you (or vice versa). Maybe, it is all about hype, and there is nothing special about Fortnite. After analyzing the situation under the loop, we have discovered an answer.


What is the Point?

The battle royale as a genre became extremely popular over the last decade. This genre works for both gaming industry and cinematography. The idea of such games is to remain the last surviving participant. The player has to withstand other players online and kill them (or let them kill each other). It may remind you of anti-utopias like Hunger Games. Fortnite is not the exception in terms of its mission.

If you wish to withstand enemies with the help of shooting weapons and feel like Rambo, you may want to consider Fortnite or Call of Duty. In the case of the first one, you will have to get rid of other players in droves. It is not that easy to prevent your character from all of the bullets flying all across the battlefield. That is not the type of game where you can relax a lot.

If you are the one who prefers stealthy gameplay, the game will surprise you. You have to collect the best loot, postponing the final fights to the last minute. A player should be very careful and attentive not to get shot. The game may end too soon for you if you are not experienced enough.

The players who get to the location with the last standoff before others have some time to get ready. They may, for instance, build barriers around to defend them. It is possible to set up dangerous traps to leave your foes with no chance. Once they get trapped, they die immediately.

Constructing barriers and other things is a huge share of them game. That is something that makes it stand out from other shooters and survivals. It is not necessary to dig and build defensive constructions, but it makes sense as it increases your chances to survive and is just fun. Once you install a 4-wall compound to fend off numerous enemies or create a defense tower, your rivals will almost stand no chance against you. You can also team up with other players to build defensive elements, but keep in mind that only one person has to remain alive in the end.

The game offers a complete freedom of action and rich choice. It is possible to fully customize your character. That is one thing that makes this product from Epic Games so special and attractive. The skins get more quirky as the time goes on.

There are no limitations when it comes to playing Fortnite. Any platform can easily run it. All gaming consoles, personal computers, Apple devices, and Android-supported gadgets are compatible with Fortnite. Perhaps, that is one of the secrets of this game having so many active subscribers.


What Is the Greatest Advantage?

Almost every player can find something interesting and exclusive in this game. From high-octane shooters to classical battle royale and survivals, you will find everything in one game. The biggest plus of this world is, however, the community.

More than seventy million users are ready to become your buddies or foes, depending on your desire. The game has already become an influencing factor in the gaming industry. You will enjoy communicating with other lovers of the genre, making new friends every day! You can invite your friends if you want to play with someone you know for real.

Standalone mode is available if you prefer being solo. Then, you should realize that it will be based on “dog eat dog” principle. It is possible to come up with several alliances in this mode. We still recommend having a team of two or more people when playing Fortnite – it will not get you bored! One can also pick the PvE mode to fend off zombies with your company. PvP is not the must-have mode in this world. Fortnite may resemble the Halo series with the number of friendships created worldwide.

It seems that developers are always eager to sacrifice their time into improving the world of Fortnite and entertain players. The memes and other types of relevant content are plentiful as well. The company regularly introduces special events and occasions.


What Are the Drawbacks?

Almost seventy million users love Fortnite, but the pitfalls still exist. Perhaps, most of the community members just ignore them. The major gap is gameplay that not many people really like.

The process of looking for and collecting loot is not every time epic enough. If you play this game for the first time, you might have to spend no more than 5 minutes searching for a decent weapon before being shot down with one of the encounters – that is not good at all.

The things listed above are not that vital. Perhaps, the biggest disadvantage is that Epic Games use Fortnite jut to make money. Initially, you get this app for free, but you will move slowly without investing some real money. The loot boxes might cost a lot, taking into account the young age of an average Fortnite player. Most young people cannot afford to invest into this game regularly. A related lawsuit took place not so long ago. Even after that, micro-transactions are still present in the game. The majority of money are invested in the opportunity to purchase skins and stuff. 



The hype has its right – the game is the most amazing representative of the battle royale genre. The issues it has seem not that critical next to the advantages of the game. The learning curve is not very inaccessible. The variety of options and modes is impressive. On the whole, the local community is what makes this game special and loved around the world. This shooter will make you want to spend plenty of hours in front of your monitor or TV. The game will not leave anyone indifferent.

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