‌Best Fiends Puzzle Adventure: Expert Review


What is an effective way to spend the time commuting? Can we say that Best Friends Puzzle Adventure is the right option for you? Discover in this review.

Best Fiends Puzzle Adventure — Click and Smile

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What is an effective way to spend the time commuting? Can we say that Best Friends Puzzle Adventure is the right option for you? Discover in this review.

Do you prefer causal mobile apps? Those are games created for the wide, mass-market audience instead of hardcore game fans. You might have heard of Best Friends Puzzle Adventure – one of the brilliant pieces in this series. More than one hundred million users have this application installed on their iOS or Android devices by today. The game can boast upbeat graphics, which is not common for this genre. Perhaps, it is the time for you to jump on the bandwagon and get some time-killers on your device to enjoy in the waiting lines or while having a ride. In this post, you will find out the necessary details about this app.


What Is the Point?

As you may guess from the cover, the app is about bugs. Here, they are displayed in a rather cute and friendly way. Even those who have insect phobia will love these cuties. As for the gameplay, it is a typical puzzle. The developers have analyzed the market of similar games to highlight the strengths of such apps. As the result, we have a combination of the best points that one may find in a puzzle for mobile. Best Friends will develop your attention to details and logic.

In general, what is the first thing or image that comes to your mind when you hear the word, “puzzle?” We believe that it is the mix of pieces that have to combined in order to get the full picture. That is the primary target of such activity. Perhaps, you used to do that as a kid, and still love it. The idea of the app is to clear the board, leaving it empty. You may also strive to get maximum points or getting rid of different obstacles on your way.

Best Friends Puzzle offers a cool teaser, which makes you realize whether you would like this game. It is an amazing puzzle adventure, so there might be a bit of gameplay, but it is quite engaging.

You have to complete the quests to gather all friends by the end of your journey. Those are tiny bugs, not your real pals. They are lost, and need to find each other. The characters are cartoonish, but it does not mean that only kids will enjoy it. Each time you unlock another character, you can pick it for your next tour. It will then show up on the board. It is like collecting cards or coins.

It is possible to upgrade your new fellows. Just keep on discovering new levels and getting access to new game opportunities and features. From time to time, foes will show up in the shape of huge slugs. They will try to attack your bugs. Every successful mix of pieces will prevent your friends from attack, and cause damage to the nasty enemies.


The Greatest Advantage

The app is equally eye-catching for both children and grow-ups. It is simple to install and play, so even aged people and dummies can do that on their own. The main aim is to save characters that are cute enough to feel for them.

Players will enjoy more than four thousand levels, different by their complexity and smaller goals. We can call this app all-in-one. You might need plenty of time to fulfill all of the game missions.

Ever level has numerous puzzles and takes around ten minutes to complete. This application can be active on your phone for months until you reach the end.

Once the content is over, you should not worry. The developers initiate special events and offers almost every day. They add up to the major storyline. Those are all additions to the main plot. It is possible to finish these extra levels within 30 minutes on the average. Of course, one can restart the game and complete all the levels from the beginning once again. In addition, you may notice a harsh competition among other users. To become one of the top players, you should really focus on solving the tasks and mind your scores.

Some of the Pitfalls

What about the gaps of Best Friends Puzzle? They are common for most of the casual apps. One of the problem that might sometimes distract you from the gaming process is advertising. The ads pop up frequently. To move to the next level, one has to view the full commercial. However, when playing, you will soon stop noticing the ads. Though it might be a bit irritating, it does not prevent you from solving the puzzles.

The greatest issue with the game is that it cannot last forever (which makes sense). The gameplay depends on the amount of energy that you have. Once it is over, you will have to wait for some time until it restores. It might take 24 hours.

Sure, you may donate. If you do not wish to stop and gain extra energy, it will cost you something around $5 apiece. VIP subscription is another way to overcome problem with energy. This package is ad-free, with an infinite energy bar.

Well, we can call it a drawback, but that is how casual apps mostly work. Without going on a binge, it is still possible to enjoy Best Friends Puzzle on your favorite device. In-game currency is also available, and you can gain it thanks to your achievements. After that, you may purchase additional moves, for instance (the puzzles are limited by time/moves). Without investing cash, you may just find this game a bit more complicated.


Final Thoughts

This puzzle deserves a place in your collection of casual applications. The storyline is exciting, and the characters are simply cute. You should do your best to complete the most complicated levels. You may invest money at any time to ease and speed up the process. Best Friends Puzzle will entertain you for months.

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