Asphalt 9: Legends — The Outcomes of Our Nintendo Switch Test


Asphalt 9: Legends — meet another classic mobile arcade racing game on Nintendo Switch. In this review, we will provide the details from the test and our judgments.

The Results of Pro Asphalt 9: Legends Switch Test

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Asphalt 9: Legends — meet another classic mobile arcade racing game on Nintendo Switch. In this review, we will provide the details from the test and our judgments.

Online stores for gamers today actively offer games that were earlier available just on mobile devices. The developers try do adapt them for the Nintendo Switch. In addition to some blockbusters, Asphalt 9: Legends is currently available. It is initially a game offered at no charge, so you risk losing nothing if you decide to give it a try. We have conducted an independent study, testing this release. The outcomes are described in this review.


More or More of the Same?

Our team did not expect much from this game for Nintendo Switch. Most of them are not very different from their smartphone versions, meaning that they have many restrictions when it comes to playing on console. The new release of Asphalt available for Nintendo is the adaptation of one of the first games in the series, in fact. However, it is pretty similar to the latest parts of Asphalt. As you may guess from the title, it is a racing genre. The developers always attempt to make it as tech-impressive as possible. That is something that they cope with successfully.

The only gap which obviously catches an eye is the current limitations on the game features. As for the rest, Asphalt 9 for Nintendo would easily replace Burnout spinoff. We can say that it is half a racing, half arcade genre. The major features of the Legends are takedowns, law regulations, divided race tracks, and extreme speed.

If you are more a fan of smartphone apps, the game will also exceed your expectations. You do not have to waste much time on Asphalt, and it is possible to play several matches quickly while having a break or quick rest. If you wish to race longer, choose a multi-player mode. However, when playing solo, your time will pass by incredibly fast. It makes no sense to spend fuel on such short sessions. Only if you lack time, you may enjoy racing for less than a minute because of the limited space in a single-player mode.


Somewhat Complex Internal Systems

We can say that Asphalt Nine belongs to the category of a full-blown racing simulating games. Initially known as an application for mobile devices, Legends was basically an in-app purchasing software. It was all about donating. For console, the cost of this game is around $40. You will not have to make any purchases after that, which adds a plus. Also, players can switch between television and handheld modes when enjoying the journey on Nintendo Switch.

It is possible to unlock all the secrets in the area and get access to new locations without investing a penny or cent. However, you should mind the existing great cons. Like a tiring tutor, Asphalt instructor will keep on introducing and describing new details. One can get the point only after practicing and trying new stuff several times. If you cannot manage to handle the new items and rules, you might want to invest your cash.

On one hand, such practice refers to more bonuses and rewards as well as individual achievements; on the other hand, it all might get enraging over time. If we compare McDonald’s with its marketing & sales to other fast-food restaurants, we can compare Asphalt’s developers to other creators of racing games. In other words, Gameloft’s strategy known as the packages for new vehicles is a smart marketing hint. From the start, they advertise and recommend Hot Wheels auto to you just to end up offering cards for a lame cart already owned by you. One can still upgrade and move to the next level with some cards, but it might take a while.

It is a challenge to monitor stuff that can be upgraded, modified, or purchased with real-life cash. It does not change for types and leagues. That is another pitfall of Asphalt 9: Legends. You only have to hope and wait for the random progress.

At the same time, after playing Nintendo Switch version, one may decide to delete Legends from their mobile device. That is when less is more. After all, Asphalt 9 still has a pretty interface, which is enough even despite its modesty.


Watch Out: Expect The Burnout Everyone!

We have already mentioned that Asphalt pretty much reminds us of Burnout spin-off. At least, we are talking about the Legends from Gameloft. It is a huge favor for the true game lovers and those who have passion for racing games in particular to create Asphalt 9 for Nintendo Switch and minimize the reasons for donating. Not so many good old arcade games are available today, and this is one in the collection.

The racing tracks in the game contain plenty of details that make them look realistic. Every route is authentic and it does not repeat the rest. It makes you feel like you are passing a new game each time. It will not make you want to yawn. Only if you play Asphalt for a while, you may discover the same locations over and over again more often. The variety of environments is more than enough in any case.

What about the controls and playing process itself? It might feel a bit spongy from the beginning. Most gamers get used to handling Legends fast. After all, it is a racing game of the medium difficulty if you ask. You are rather drifting than braking. Players may take each other down. It adds the spirit of harsh competition.

There are two major types of matches: standard and time-limited. It is better to pick the first one if you play for the first time so that you do not have to stick to any restrictions. A player can switch between a single-player and multi-player mode. The main idea is to get the highest speed instead of getting the coolest looking vehicles. Mind that in multi-player regime, it may bring together uneven racers.

Despite the overloaded menus, you might be curious to observe the racing details and amazingly looking cars. Once you waste all in-game money, it might take up to 10-15 minutes for the new opportunities to show up: be patient. It also depends on the level of your auto. If it is not upgraded enough, you risk being forced to wait or the next races for some time. It is possible to replay the outdated matches as this mode is included.

The complexity level goes up by leaps and bounds. It does not make too much sense or fun to get enrolled in the same races over and over again. Players usually strive to enter new matches.

Final Thoughts

What could have been better? Well, asphalt 9 is not initially a full-scale console title. This game is initially paid, and it might ask you for more donates – it all depends on how well you get used to it and your patience.  Still, it is the only way to enjoy Legends on the famous Nintendo Switch, which is quite simple to navigate.

Perhaps, the next time when Gameloft decides to adapt another arcade racing game, it will be the complete burnout. At the same time, the variety of routes and cars impresses. The fact that Asphalt 9: Legends includes a real online mode and speedy races with takedowns replaces the existing cons of this release. The lovers of racing games would probably like it.

For such a cheap offer, you receive plenty of perks. It might be hard to keep track – watch your fuel level, vehicles upgrades, and cards carefully. We would remove some of the useless add-ons, but the developers have their own point of view. We still wait to see a large-scale project of this type. Currently, the scores for Asphalt 9: Legends are as following:

  • Technique: 70
  • Graphics: 81
  • Sound: 77
  • Gameplay: 64
  • AI: 58
  • Fun: 69


Who Will Benefit from Playing Legends?

The biggest disappointments are that the complexity level may go up all of a sudden even in the middle of the race while races themselves can be too short. Being the leader and winning is not that easy in Asphalt 9: Legends. It is a pretty tough game!

At the same time, we can call this game sustainable. The competition in the arcade racing genre, especially when it comes to Nintendo Switch, is not that harsh nowadays. Watch out for one thing in particular – in-app purchases! Do not waste ridiculous amounts of money, as the game will start working as a financial pump.

As for the outlook, design, and sounds. They are all great! We have nothing bad to say about this category. The overall style of Asphalt 9: Legends is cool and arcade-like. The tracks used to create atmosphere might sound pretty familiar to everyone, but not all players will recognize them (unless apps like Shazam will help).

Value: it is possible to try the game without investing any real money. However, do not expect much from the gambling factor then. Finally, you should know that ten percent of the battery is absorbed each 25 minutes in handheld mode. In other words, you can play the game for maximum 2, 5 hours without electricity.

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